What we’re currently up to: Baking in quality.

Our team is currently taking the final leap to ensure quality is the responsibility of the whole team, from the business to the developers and not that of the end-of-cycle “Quality Police’.

Initially, as with most development shops, new features are thrown over the wall into the laps of a QA team. Following this waterfall approach to testing, quality is tested into the build at the end of the production line, and inevitably signed off regardless. With a change in methodology to XP this evolved into the use of agile testers, integrated into each dev team, testing as they go.

However, this still used a mini-waterfall approach where deliverables were thrown over a smaller, shorter wall albeit earlier and more frequently. It is this wall that we aim to completely remove with test-developers and with a whole-team approach.

My aim is to refine the current process that integrates the business, devs and test-devs to one that advocates even earlier and more frequent verification of development work.

I’ll share the specifics, feedback and experiences of my roadmap to quality on here as it happens.


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